Updated 4 December 2014

Campus Alberta Innovates Program (CAIP) Background

In 2011, the Government of Alberta created the Campus Alberta Innovation Program Chairs as part of its Campus Alberta collaborative initiative. This prestigious program provides an initial sixteen research chairs at Alberta's four Comprehensive Academic and Research Intensive (CARI) institutions: Athabasca University, University of Alberta (U of A), University of Calgary (U of C), and University of Lethbridge (U of L). The program is designed to recruit new research leaders to Alberta in specific areas. The Chairs are aligned with the four strategic priority areas of the Alberta Innovates Corporations and Alberta Advanced Education and Technology: Energy and Environment, Food and Nutrition, Neuroscience/Prions and Water. The value of the awards will vary from approximately $300k to $650k per year for seven years, depending on the nature of the research being undertaken.  Academic appointments will be made at the Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Full Professor level depending on the seniority of the individual. At the end of the seven years as Chair, appointees will assume regular faculty positions at their institutions. Chairs will be encouraged to collaborate with colleagues and may receive adjunct appointments at their sister institutions.

Alberta's four Comprehensive Academic and Research Intensive institutions (CARI) have worked together with AET to develop the framework for this program. CARI is comprised of :

CAIP Priority Areas

CAIP Principles

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