Get your Pool Ready for Summer with these Easy Steps!

Summer is about to end and you still haven’t gone out to play in your pool. Are you ready to beat the heat? If you are, then great! Is your pool ready to beat your heat? If it is, then awesome! If not, here are few tips on helping you clean your swimming pool before summer ends! 

Tip # 1: Never totally drain your swimming pool unless you really have to.  

The only reasons why you should drain your pool is if you need to do structural repairs or if it has a lot of debris and leaves at the bottom of the pool. If you empty a pool, one of the problems could be your pool popping out due to a high-water table.  


Tip # 2: Clean Everything 

Start with the basic parts like putting your pool in tip-top condition with a chemical open. Set up the filtration system properly, clean out all of the drain baskets, remove the plugs and leave the cover while you’re cleaning it.  


Tip # 3: Filter the Filter 

Make sure you clean the filter before turning it on. You might need to take it apart, clean it and reassemble, tedious right? This process is necessary to put your pool back into great shape.  


Tip # 4: Call a professional to test and balance the chemicals in your water 

This is pretty much self-explanatory, there are also pool chemistry testing strips that can be found in the local store if you want to try it yourself.  


Tip # 5: Wait for the water to clear up 

The filter needs to clear up and the chemicals to sit in before you can rush in your pool. This process usually takes about a week.  


Tip # 6: Maintenance  

To keep your pool water clean and free from debris and leaves, a part of the reason why the pool is dirty is that it’s exposed out in the open. Investing in a pool cage enclosure will definitely be a worthy investment and will save you a lot of money when it comes to pool cleaning. You won’t have to worry about leaves, pollen, debris and bugs contaminating your pool ever again.  


If you already have a pool cage enclosure and still wind up with a lot of debris to clean up, it may be possible that your pool enclosure is already damaged and will need repairs or rescreening. It would be best to contact a pool cage enclosure contractor to repair or replace your screens. In Florida, profesional screen repair Boca Raton offers a wide variety of rescreening and screen repair services including pool cage enclosures. They are readily available in that area, check out their website to find out more about their offered services. 


Now that all of that is done, its time to ask yourself again, “Is my pool ready to beat the heat with me?” if the answer is yes? DIVE IN!