CAIP: Food and Nutrition

Executive Summary
Two Chairs in Food and Nutrition are being proposed. A recognition that food is intimately related to health outcomes and global security/sovereignty makes these Chairs extremely timely considering the global concerns about food and healthy societies. One Chair is focusing on the social aspects of food and how governance issues influence food supplies and the agri-food sector in general as well as how we can feed the rapidly increasing population when climate change, drought and floods are occurring more frequently. The second Chair will focus on the relationship between the food we eat, our intestinal microflora and health. Recent studies have shown specific linkages between nutrition and health, which will be the focus of the Chair. This Chair will also link to institutes throughout the province ranging from federal government in laboratories (Lethbridge and Leduc) and institutes or research centres in three of the major universities in the province. This Chair will also be linked to the Chair in food security. Finally the study of intestinal microbiomes will have parallels with the deep biosphere analysis proposed in the two energy related Chairs proposed by the University of Calgary, making these studies complementary with the ability to learn from and share experiences between the various Chairs. Furthermore, these Chairs will expand interdisciplinary research as outlined in the provincial government strategy Making the Food-Health Connection – an Alberta Framework for Innovation.

The University of Alberta invites individuals with internationally recognized academic and leadership skills in the following areas of the Food and Nutrition Theme to apply for nomination to a Campus Alberta Innovation Chair:

Nutrition, Food and Health - Filled

Nutrition, Microbes and Gastrointestinal Tract Health - Filled

A brief description of the proposed area of investigation for each chair, and who to contact for more information, is available by clicking the chair title above. 

We encourage applications from world leaders whose accomplishments have made groundbreaking impacts, including the application of research findings for social and economic benefit. The successful candidates must propose a program of research that demonstrates excellence, originality and innovation, and is of the highest quality. Additional requirements include a PhD and a superior record of, or demonstrated potential for, attracting and supervising graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.


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